1. Browse the collection first. If you want to purchase a clothing, click on it and see the details below the photo. Take note of the details and at the LEFT SIDE, you will find your ORDER FORM, fill it out fully and correctly.

2. Wait for a verification email to be sent to you by Erzullie ( and pay within the deadline indicated in the email at any BDO Branch (PHILIPPINES ONLY).

3. Email us that you have deposited the payment afterwards. (Remember that per order form sent, there is an additional Php 150.00 for shipping all over the Philippines.)

4. Receive. your items will be shipped within (24) hours after the VALIDATION of payment of final orders. You will be emailed your tracking number.

For metro manila customers, expect the delivery within (2) two to (3) three days. for outside MM and within the Philippines expect delivery within (5) five to (7) seven days.


By filling out an order form, you, the customer, agree to the following Terms and Conditions:  (1.) You will fully follow, understand and respect the How To Order process of Erzullie. and you shall pay within the given deadline and not ask for extensions. (2.) If you are using a gift certificate, I understand that I can only use one (1) certificate per order form. (3.) You are fully aware that there is a non-refundable handling fee of Php 150.00 per order form sent and you will pay for it. (4.) You will fully follow, accept, understand and respect the Return and Exchange Process and Policy of Erzullie. (5.) Erzullie is not responsible for what happens to you before, during or after the product has been delivered. You waive Erzullie from any liability that the courier may do to the product. (6) Only fully filled out and correct order forms will be processed by Erzullie. Should I not follow this instruction, Erzullie is free to not process my order form anymore with or without prior notice.  Should you violate any of these terms and conditions, I accept and aware that Erzullie has the right to cancel my transaction and unreserve the products that I have ordered for others to purchase with or without prior notice. I can also no longer avail of the REPP policy. Should I want to order again, I need to repeat the How To Order Process.


Erzullie practices Return and Exchange Policy only. No refunds. Only exchange of items bought by the customer or acquiring new items amounting to the same price or more of the Returned Item's price. This Return and Exchange Process and Policy is valid up to thirty (30) days as the Department of Trade and Industry states. However, the following must be met by the customer: (1)  The item must still be in good condition and can still be repaired, with hang tag FULLY ATTACHED, in good condition (not so many folds) and not ripped. (2) The item has not been altered in anyway by the customer including the hang tag. (3) The item being returned is due to "sizing issues" (change of size) or "factory defect" (defective zippers, loose buttons, patch of discoloration of the fabric only) only. (Rips and holes in fabric not included). (4)  the customer must still have the verification email sent by Erzullie with regards to that order to be printed out and sent with the item.  All shipping costs for the Return and Exchange Process and Policy shall be shouldered by the customer. (Shipping back to Erzullie and Erzullie to Customer) in this case, the customer will pay Erzullie Php 150.00 to ship the new item(s) back to the consumer. No monetary refunds will be done. Only exchange of items, amounting to or more than the item being exchanged by the customer. In the latter's case, the customer must pay the amount exceeding the returned item's price plus the shipping fee back to the customer. Should any of the earlier statements be violated, the customer waives his/her right for a Return and Exchange Process and Policy. In addition the Return and Exchange Process and Policy cannot be done by a customer if the following conditions apply: (1) There is an indication of misuse of item. (2) The customer just changed "his or her mind" about it in any case. Thank you very much.